About us

In 2014, the history of our company began with an idea of creating a self-flying drone model line. While working on the project, our company had encountered the imperfections of modern electric motors technology: in particular, insufficient flight time, speed, and payload.

These serious flaws prompted our team of engineers to create electric motors of the new generation.

After a series of scientific empirical researches, we were able to revolutionize the industry by producing our own electric motors line of various powers unrivaled by their characteristics.

In 2019, our team has taken on the creation of the first Electric Supersonic Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet based on our highly efficient electric motor.


Supersonic Air Taxi Mach-1

  • Range: +621 miles
  • Top Speed: 435 mph
  • Cruise Speed: 186 mph

Distinctions and Competitive Advantages

Three phase brushless motors permanent magnet synchronous motors

Beyond the borders of current possibilities of physics – Magnetic field.

The key advantage of our electric motors is the weight to power ratio. We were able to achieve the previously unattainable 23 kw/kg, which gives our Electric Supersonic Vertical Take-off and Landing Jet incredible results and an unmatched competitive advantage.


RH INDUSTRY X250 Parameters and Characteristics




Future Plans and Perspectives

By the year 2024, our company plans to finish the construction of an 11 seater Electric Supersonic Jet.